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Learn more about tax and retirement savings options

IRS Retirement Plans Overview 

Check out these various retirement plans that offer a range of benefits, depending on what you need or where you are in your life.


Tax Reform Provides Boost To Small Business Retirement Plan

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) offers the new 199A deduction that provides a boost to defined benefit retirement plans.


8 Retirement Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs 

Here are eight good tips for self-employed individuals who want to open a retirement plan.


High Contribution Retirement Plans

Here are high contribution retirement plans for high income self employed individuals and small business owners.


Basics of Defined Benefit Plans

Learn more about how defined benefit plans work and who is eligible in this comprehensive white paper.


Turning What You Know About Defined Benefit Plans on Its Head 

Defined benefit plans are becoming the retirement plan of choice for high-income individuals with self-employment income, as well as independent professionals and small business owners, such as doctors, consultants and even farmers.


Major Tax Deductions Impacted By the New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) eliminated or significantly limited many common deductions for high income self-employed and small business clients. This infographic summarizes the major changes to the tax law.


Defined Benefit Plan Calculator

This free online calculator allows you to compare SIMPLE, SEP-IRA, 401(k) and Defined Benefit plans for solo practitioners, small businesses, consultants, physicians and consultants.


Inexpensive Retirement Plans for Small-business Owners

There are several retirement plans available to small-business owners from IRAs to 401(k)s to defined benefit  and cash balance plans.